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Create a Strategy for Online Marketing of Blog [PART 1]

In this article, I am going to suggest some strategies for blog ke online marketing which will help you to promote your blog online on the Internet. Waise uses blogs for online marketing, usually SEO, social media sharing, paid advertisements, jaise options.

But if you think that you have a business, you have to make plans for online marketing. Jaise has created a marketing campaign to promote offline business, but it is important to work with other companies, and to create a marketing strategy for them.

Bina strategies have been done by marketing / promoting the promotion of the blog and promoting the results of a complete failure, but I am sure that the blogging team has given me a lot of competition but I do not believe that the strategy is to go to the next level. I do not know anything.

Tou chaliye jaante hain kuch blog marketing ke raktagya janhe hain a new blogger ko jarur karne chahiye chahiye ke liye jaadi jaada jaada va visitor aur traffic aaye.

If you are against the example, your blog is not an insufficient quality content and you are exposing your blog marketing to your results without any results.

Hindi blog marketing strategies - What and how to do it

[Blog marketing strategy 1] Make a lot of content / articles from your blog

I'm sure you did 8 months ago. Sir 15 articles have been found that traffic has not been given to visitors or visitors. I got paid advertising by advertising expenses.

To reach the goal, you have to take some time to do so. When Kyuki did not have a content that was already dropped in traffic, the bounce rate increased and overall result zero.

Isliye main ye kehna chahunga har ak blogger ko ki pehle blog ko Content / Articles bhi bhiye phir yang ke baare me sochiye.

If you are a new blogger on weekly pages, please read the 600 words. Posts have to be made to the unique and high quality. Please use keywords to use keywords on your site. Onpage SEO is a basic guide to get your article published.

If you have any questions from the 40 of my blogs, then go to my marketing page for more information. For marketing, you are going to start with the SEO on the off page as well as SEO.

[Blog marketing strategy 2] Set Naye goals -

1. Make sure to increase your awareness of your blog.
Iske liye you can take social networking sites. Please share your blog post to social sites like stumbleupon.com, google plus, linkedin.com, twitter.com and reddit.com.

You can apply for offline marketing. For example, if you have a learning blog, you can send a presentation to your local school and colleges and your blog. Let's learn more about your students in blogs. You can prepare a weekly quiz competition for your students. And the budget can offer even some of the prizes. Overall aise strategies will allow you to travel traffic to your blog.

2. Get your blog to new visitors
I have a great idea of ​​how to expand your blog to visitors to the country. For example, you can promote your blog on international social media sites like reddit.com, myspace.com, stumbleupon.com, delicious and digg.com. I'm going to have a number of new international visitors to my social sites.

3. Make your brand name as professional as possible
If you are a professional and high authority social sites like linkedin business page and google business page for your blog, develop a business page and share your posts, create backlink.

[Blog marketing strategy 3] Report to analyze
Hamesha says that a successful marketing campaign is possible when you have analyzed your campaign. Actually, we have got success in what place where and where in what place is weakness.

Blogging is a great way to analyze my mind.
# Visit your blog visitors

# Kaha kaha has been visited by visitors.

# Use blog posts to visit visitors

# Update keywords using keywords only

# Etc Etc ...

Final words-
Waise's blog marketing strategies are the best way to get started with a beginner blogger. This article does not specify anything. Iske next PART 2 is the main marketing and blog marketing strategies for you. Keep watching, next PART 2 as soon as you update it by linking the URL link here.
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